Global Conversion To Organic Farming May Boost Sustainable Development Say Experts

According to the a recent study if we convert to organic farming globally and combine that with other factors like one-third reduction in animal-based food, lower amount of concentrated feed and lesser food waste, it can lead to a boost in the sustainable development system.

A Major Shift In Agriculture

The data published in Nature Communications has found that if we refrain from using concentrated feed for the livestock production and a considerable reduction in the use of animal-based food, the nutrition system can significantly change for the better. The use of animal-based food has already gone through a change with an example of which is a whole butchery that exists with non-meat based products. The trend has also been significant with the upcoming generation opting for plant-based food.

Karlheinz Erb, an author involved in the study said, “In this way, it would be possible to secure the provision of food for the global population even in the event of a population size above 9 billion in the year 2050; land use would not increase, and the negative effects of today’s intensive nutrition system such as high nitrogen surplus levels or elevated pesticide loads would be reduced considerably. Furthermore, such a system would reduce considerably the greenhouse gas emissions from land use and the livestock systems, important drivers of climate change.”