All that glitters and tastes heavenly is ‘Gold’

A slice from Turkey, a bite from France and a touch of Gold

Pantry D’or in Anna nagar has got us feeling blissful. With subtle, dull-gold interiors, a semi-outdoor seating area and great food on offer- they’ve struck gold. 

We’ll get straight to what’s at the Pantry. 


First to arrive at the table are two little guys that you definitely want to meet! Tiny chocolates that look like normal, tiny, innocent chocolates to the eye. But inside sits a smooth, decadent, dreamy filling. Look up at the person next to you; your eyes read “Nutella“. Score. 

The Peach Iced tea is for the ultra-sweet tooth. It will have you floating on a sugar cloud. French Vanilla Frappe is for the cream-addicts. 


(Pides) pizzas, pastas, burgers, wraps and salads– the menu is on a cute wooden board in a little sketch pad- you’ve earned  brownie points already. We snack on soft, buttery -Cheese Garlic Bread while awaiting the Turkish Lamb Pide. And oh, my. What arrives is worth every second. A soft, light dough, topped with spiced ground lamb, fresh tomatoes and onions and a drizzle of sauce; served with an addictive Aioli (garlic mayo dip). Please excuse me while I die a thousand times just thinking about it. 

Dessert walked in and we maxed out. The Hazelnut Piedmont and the Berry Cheesecake represent all that’s dreamy in the world today. 

That’s not all, Pantry offers Christmas cookies, plum cakes, cupcakes, chocolates and panatone for the season. They’ve got sugar free options for almost every sugared treat on their menu! Take that Sugar Plum Fairy!

They’ve got Fondant cakes to the order and a list that’s longer than ever, for birthday cakes. 

Breakfast is served at 8.30 and includes whips with cornflakes, sausages, hash browns and baked beans! 

What we had:

Peach Iced Tea and French Vanilla Frappe

Chocolate with Hazelnut centres and Strawberry Truffles

Cheese Garlic Bread

Lamb Pide with Aioli

Hazelnut Piedmont and Berry Cheesecake