Glam Up Your Meals At Fashion TV Café, New Delhi

Sitting atop one of South Delhi’s most happening fun and entertainment spaces, a.k.a. Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, there is now a new party hotspot. Behold the ultra glam and uber swanky Fashion TV Café! As the name reveals, the café is a spin-off of the ultra glam Fashion TV (FTV), which is the world’s largest television and multimedia network leader in fashion and lifestyle content. The outlet, which is in direct collaboration with its party HQ in Vienna, is India’s first FTV Café and also one of the country’s most happening nooks, without a doubt.

The café-cum-lounge setting features an impressive décor complete with a glitzy and well-stocked bar, a blend of neo-retro furnishings, and a gorgeous rooftop terrace that overlooks the sprawling Delhi landscape. What sets this establishment apart is the fact that it is not a mere night party nest but also a place where you can meet up with your folks on a nice sunny afternoon over some less potent drinks, some sheesha, and delicious food.Glam Up Your Meals At Fashion TV Café, New Delhi

Speaking of food, the café whips up an edible storm of flavours. The menu boasts of a top-notch selection of preparations from global cuisines that include Italian, American, Continental, and some specials from India as well. To get an even better idea of just what the food looks – and tastes – like, take a look at all that we ate during our visit to the FTV Café.


What We Had:

Mint Lemonade

This was a drink that really reminded us of what sets the FTV establishment apart from other. A simple recipe but with excellent presentation, the mint lemonade came in a burlesque martini glass topped with fresh mint and lime. The mocktail was supremely refreshing and the cooling mint and lemon flavours were just what we needed under the warm February sun.Glam Up Your Meals At Fashion TV Café, New Delhi


Fish n Chips

We started off with a classic – the fish and chips, which came nicely plated and sumptuously portioned with a side of chili-dusted fries and tartar dip. The piping hot dish was a winner in the very first bite with the perfectly crunchy batter-fried fish that was juicy and just the right amount of flaky on the inside.Glam Up Your Meals At Fashion TV Café, New Delhi


Parmesan Chicken

Imagine a classic margarita pizza only with a chicken bas and some more cheese topped with dollops of fiery hot salsa, and served as succulent strips. That precisely describe the parmesan chicken, which, as mentioned earlier, were fried strips of juicy chicken topped with fresh parmesan and salsa. If there were a chicken pizza contest, this would take home the first prize! KFC, are we listening?Glam Up Your Meals At Fashion TV Café, New Delhi


Chicken Spaghetti

Yet another saucy classic but with the glam touch of FTV. The chicken spaghetti sported a delicious arabiatta sauce that struck the perfect balance between spice, flavor, and seasoning. The noodle pasta came well-endowed with meat, a.k.a. shreds of chicken, and was handsomely dusted with grated cheese. Also, a special shout out to the two beautiful garlic toast triangles that helped us lap up the remains of the pasta sauce! Without a doubt, this dish was our favourite!Glam Up Your Meals At Fashion TV Café, New Delhi


Bhune Lal Murgh Ka Tikka

Touching base with our Indian roots, we dug into FTV’s take on the quintessential North Indian chicken tikka. And boy, were we delighted! The bhune lal murgh ka tikka was as pleasing to the eyes as it was to my desi palate. The tikka left a blazing trail on my palate that was paired well with the fresh and tangy coriander chutney that came with. And to turn up the plating ante, the dish came with a side of the tikka’s BFFs – sliced onion, carrots, and a wedge of lemon.Glam Up Your Meals At Fashion TV Café, New Delhi


Brownie & Ice Cream

Has there ever been a meal complete without a sugar rush? We finished off with a portion of hot brownie drizzled with some chocolate fudge, and a scoop of coconut-vanilla ice cream to freeze our brains with! *drools profusely*Glam Up Your Meals At Fashion TV Café, New Delhi


In closing we must add that the FTV Café is the perfect place to hangout if you’re looking for some time away from the ordinary. The place offers an excellent ambience – both during the sunlight and night hours – teamed with just the right food and drinks to make your rendezvous’ come to life.


Address: T-319 3rd Floor, Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi-70 | +91 8860880007

Time: 12pm – 1am