Give Yourself A Rejuvenating Experience With A Staycation At Radisson Mumbai Goregaon

Because we sure are feeling fresh, relaxed and most importantly well rested after a weekend here. The Radisson Mumbai Goregaon has a way to charm you with its polite, welcoming staff, always a plus when you’ve come to clear your head and feel happy. As one enters, the floral decor and elegant interiors in the lobby already make you feel at home and comfortable. We were handed the key and this began our staycation, one of the best mini-trips we’ve had.

Spacious And Modern

Speaking of the facilities that Radisson Mumbai Goregaon offers is aplenty especially in the room itself. The Wifi connection is quite strong, the bedding is absolutely comfortable, it is equipped with a TV, ergonomic chair and desk, plenty of toiletries, separate shower section and possibly everything you may require to get snug and comfortable in your room for two days. Their room service is prompt as well. We were served apples, dry fruits and cookies as the evening approached alongside which we ordered a 180 Jumbo Deck Sandwich with Chicken, Ham and Bacon. The sandwich was amazing and please do not miss out on the cookies they serve with the coffee.

Give Yourself A Rejuvenating Experience With A Staycation At Radisson Mumbai Goregaon

After some room service and a much needed nap, it was dinner time at 180 Degrees, the restaurant at Radisson Mumbai Goregaon. It serves buffet style meals and you can also head to their open air restaurant, The Tipsy Terrace to enjoy hearty conversations and cocktails. We binged on light, refreshing salads for our dinner and tucked into Paneer Khurchan and Garlic Naan for our mains. Keeping it light, we had Fresh Fruit Pudding and a classic Besan Ka Ladoo for dessert.

The Feasting Continues

The next day being Easter, we were quite excited about the brunch. After having a restful sleep, we headed down to the restaurant again for a lovely breakfast. They had thought the breakfast through for there was a live dosa counter, a live omelet counter, a variety of cornflakes, bacon, bratwursts, donuts, croissants, misal pav, vada pav, gobhi parathas, masala puri, idlis, sambhar and fresh fruit. It was oh so refreshing! They had also kept probiotic drinks, juice and flavoured yoghurt. We settled for some yoghurt, fruits, a lovely omelette, a paratha and a dosa. Yes, we stuffed ourselves. And it was so worth it!

Give Yourself A Rejuvenating Experience With A Staycation At Radisson Mumbai Goregaon

We got ready for the brunch and though enjoyed it thoroughly, kept it light after the heavy breakfast and keeping in mind our spa session with Tattva afterwards. So we relished some sweet corn lasagna, stuffed bell pepper, some pasta from the live counter and tasted the noodles with lobster in gravy. Delicious food and a little lounging area gave us time to get ready for the much awaited Swedish Massage.

The Rejuvenation At Tattva

If you’re at Radisson and you don’t get yourself an appointment with Tattva, you’re truly missing out on a serene experience. The professionals at the spa know their stuff and were able to give us rejuvenating massage. We were offered a kokum juice before the session and asked to fill out a form for the massage. We then chose our preferred oil and thus began a lovely one hour experience. This was followed by a steam and shower which was oh so refreshing. The incharge at Tattva, Sumi, even helped massage my ankle with a herbal, pain relieving liquid as it was swollen due to a fall two days before this staycation. So kudos to their dedication and thus adding a charm to the hotel’s reputation.

Give Yourself A Rejuvenating Experience With A Staycation At Radisson Mumbai Goregaon

At the end of this staycation, I’ve returned completely relaxed and would love to come back for another weekend here. I love the idea of how one has so many options to spend their time here. Be it taking the time to catch up on some sleep, long showers and eating snacks while watching television. One can also spend time in the gym area or taking a swim too. A simple spa, eat and sleep is probably what we’d choose on our next visit and you can too. For workaholics, a business meeting too can be arranged at their business center. So there’s something for everyone at Radisson!