Give Your Taste Buds A Burst Of Flavours At Crafters Tap House In Mumbai

Give Your Taste Buds A Burst Of Flavours At Crafters Tap House In Mumbai

Newly opened with a fresh vibe, Crafters Tap House is one place every beer lover in Mumbai should look forward to. Along with serving refreshing, chilled craft beers it also specialises in making mouth-watering delicacies that you’d love to come back to. Brace yourselves Powai for you’ve been bestowed with one of the finest tap houses in the city. With detailing in everything right from the arch windows to the wooden furniture giving a rustic bar experience, this place sings passion from the right from the tap to the glass.

Beer And Small Plates

Beer and bar bites is the new coffee and conversations; the strong bar culture and upcoming tap houses like Crafters in Mumbai only goes to show that it a part of the city culture now. Coming back to Crafters, this place has got it all covered as the food is terrific and the beer is awesome. You can take a pick from seven craft beers and also choose to have shots, bombs, handcrafted spirits, beer cocktails and signature cocktails. We settled for an earthy-flavoured Belgian Wit Lager after tasting their range of craft beers. This one had hints of coriander seeds, orange peels and cardamom and is not at all heavy on the palette.

With rounds of our refreshing brew, we tried a variety of small plates offered at the tap house and we found each of them really amazing. The nachos tasted delicious with a generous helping of beer cheese sauce on the tortilla chips along with salsa, guacamole, beans and jalapeno. Next up we tried their Prawn Dumplings with Sambal and these simply melt-in-the-mouth. The sambal had a lovely spice kick and went well with the dumplings. We also enjoyed the Pork Vindaloo Tacos which was a refreshing change. The vindaloo was tasty and combined with a dollop of sour cream and crispy salli, it was the perfect Indian bar snack.

We also recommend their Bangers which are beer glazed brats, high on flavour and served with crispy grilled bread. The bangers are also doused with mustard and has cabbage, pickled cucumber and onions on the side which make it a tasty small plate with the craft beers. For the non-meat eaters, there’s a lovely Ratatouille Tart which is creamy, refreshing and has this amazing flavour that comes from the vegetables in a flaky, eggless crust. Oh so good!

We ended off what was meant to be a tasting of small plates turned dinner with Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta and Apple Cinnamon Parfait. The panna cotta was wobbly as it should be and was surrounded by a fruit soup and white chocolate rocks. Again a delicious dessert and perfect for those who don’t like sugary ones. Their parfait too was absolutely amazing  and we’ve never had something quite like it. This is one dessert you should definitely order when at Crafters Tap House. So head to this place that serves beer and food with passion and zest and experience a drinking experience like no other.