Give Your Kitchen & Dining Table A Rustic Makeover With ‘Intiki’

Looking for some inspiration to amp up your décor and serving game this summer? We’ve got just the range you need to brighten up your cooking and eating space! Say hello to Intiki, a home décor brand handmade in India.

Intiki, which means ‘home’ in the Telugu dialect, brings design elements with a modern and clean aesthetic to the spaces that people love and inhabit. Drawing inspiration from the textures and tonality of India, the products appear luxurious yet hold a strong reminiscence to their origin. The homage to the homeland is personified through a mix of different materials, finishes and styles native to India – an attempt to stay mindful of appealing to different people with varying aesthetics.


The Collection

The collections tell a story in more ways than one. The first collection, B-9 is inspired by cherished childhood memories and elements. Built on the thought – ‘from our heart to your home’, this collection sees reflections of nostalgia in each piece. The terrazzo coasters are reminiscent of the cool summer flooring in old-style constructions, the glistening paraat used to knead flour inspires the brass tapas plates, and childhood puzzles take on an updated form through the cheeseboards. After all, your home is a reflection of your individual identity and an extension of it in your lifestyle.Give Your Kitchen & Dining Table A Rustic Makeover With ‘Intiki’

Founded by Anchal Khosla, whose eye for little details like those in table settings, tray presentation, and dresser items led to the birth of the brand in May 2018. Intiki’s home décor products are handmade in India where the brand intends to give equal importance to our buyers and ‘makers’ – the artisans behind the products. The collection comprises of tabletop products and is an ode to the designer’s childhood home and all the memories associated with it, her very own ‘Intiki’.

Intiki launches one product every week on Instagram, so go ahead and follow them at @intikistories for a better and brighter home.