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#GirlsWithGluten Is Hot On The Social Media. Here’s Why!


Hop on any hot diet bandwagon and one of the rules will likely be that you need to steer clear of gluten. Pizza, doughnuts, French bread, beignets – all that swanky jazz. Given the pressure to stay slim and fit into a ‘Small’- god forbid the day you wander off towards the ‘Medium’ stall – plenty of ladies are eager participants in the gluten-free craze.
Enter women posting on social media with the hashtag #GirlsWithGluten.

What is this new trend?

As part of a supposed reaction against the anti-gluten fad, women are taking selfies of themselves gorging on burgers, pizza, waffles, cookies, and nearly every other gluten-containing, carb-filled food item you can think of. They’re hashtagging them with #GirlsWithGluten, and uploading them on social media platforms.
There’s also a dedicated ‘Girls With Gluten’ Instagram account that has garnered nearly 30,000 followers since Monday. The account reposts the snaps women have uploaded and tagged with the hashtag, as well as pictures of models and celebrities eating gluten-containing foods. 

The Gluten-y Truth

According to Celiac Central, only about 1% of the population actually suffers from Celiac disease and is sensitive to the protein, which is found in wheat and other grains. Nevertheless, people who have become a part of the gluten-free craze without being diagnosed by a doctor are usually more than willing to dish about how if they eat a slice of bread or chow down on a pancake, their bodies swell, they get rashes, or their joints begin to hurt. It can make people stop taking folks who actually have Celiac disease, or other food allergies, seriously.
Crux of the matter, don’t run away from gluten unless a doctor or nutritionist asks you to. Till then you know what your new top hashtag is going to be!