Girl Scout S’mores Cookies Are Going To Be Back In 2018

What’s better than Girl Scout cookies? Girl Scout S’mores Cookie in two different flavors! One is a graham cracker cookie dipped in a crème icing and then dipped in chocolate, and the other is a graham sandwich cookie with a chocolate-marshmallow filling in between.

“We’re incredibly excited to announce that our popular Girl Scout S’mores will return next cookie season!” said GSUSA CEO Sylvia Acevedo in a statement. “While the tradition of making and enjoying s’mores in the outdoors was popularized by Girl Scouts as early as the 1920s, our s’mores cookies are also an important reminder of how necessary it is to support programs for girls to explore the outdoors.”

So get prepared for the next cookie season because s’mores are back in a big way. Monica must be thanking her lucky stars that they weren’t around when she was trying to lose weight because these s’mores look absolutely addictive!