Girl Fighting Cancer Asks Santa Claus For Food And Blanket

A seven year old battling cancer has asked Santa Claus for food and blanket in a letter that is saddening and heart-breaking. Her teacher at Monte Carlo Elementary School posted her letter on Facebook saying that the letter made her feel sad.

A Letter To Santa

According to reports by KRGV, Crystal Pacheco, the girl who wrote this letter to Santa has been receiving hundreds of blankets as donation. The teacher, Ruth Espiricueta who posted the letter sparked the attention on social media leading to the blanket drive. “When she asked for a blanket it just broke my heart and it made me realize that some of these kids don’t have anything to stay warm at night,” said Espiricueta. “Or they sleep on the floor.”

Cristina Rodriguez who attended Monte Cristo Elementary  when she was a child also donated blankets and other necessities to the children. Speaking to KRGV she said, “To see that they don’t have not even a blanket or food it breaks me. It breaks my heart.” The publication said that she had tears in her eyes while she spoke to them.

However, after speaking to Pacheco’s mother the publication found that the presents the girl asked for were not even for her. “She wrote the card thinking about her brother, she said she wanted the ball to play with him, food to have food at the house and a blanket because the house is too cold,” said her mother, Maria Isabel Cortez.

Her letter receiving tremendous response led the school to receive 615 blankets out of their goal of 724. Pacheco thanked her real life Santa Claus and said, “Thank you for the presents.”