Gin Pong Is Here If Beer Isn’t Really Your Thing

One of the most iconic drinking games (if college movies are to be believed) is getting a ginny makeover. Cosmo UK broke the news on the new and improved pong game, and truth be told, it certainly does look pretty great!

If gin is your poison of choice then you’ll absolutely love this version of the game. It comes with 12 shot glasses in the most adorable shade of green along with green ping pong balls. Oh, and did we mention that it is definitely the perfect Christmas party game (I mean, the colour scheme certainly matches and who needs an excuse to get drunk during Christmas?)

Gin Pong Is Here If Beer Isn't Really Your Thing

Lucky for all the clumsy klutz’s out there (myself included) the cups are plastic, which means that the first time you use the game won’t be your last. The glasses are also smaller, possibly because gin will certainly hit you harder than beer, or prosecco, for that matter, so we’re not really complaining.

You can order Gin Pong for the reasonable price of around $18 from Unfortunately, the game is completely sold out currently, but a new batch will be available on October 12th. So, get your fingers on the mouse, as Brits are notorious gin drinkers and we would like some the fun to be shared internationally.