A Giant Omelette Cooked By Belgian Town Defying Egg Scare

The recent contamination of millions of eggs in Europe has not scared the Malmedy town of Belgium who have continued their 22-year tradition to make a giant omelette on an annual basis. They made the omelette in a four-meter wide pan and cooked 10,000 eggs along with many pounds of duck fat.

Along with peppy music and a crisp weather, ‘The World Fraternity of Knights of the Giant Omelette’ made the humongous dish on Tuesday. This brotherhood was established in 1973 and their mission is ‘to prepare and serve, free of charge and full of joy, a giant omelette.’

There was a certain amount of fear in the people due to the egg contamination. The organisers of the event however, made sure all the eggs were verified safe for consumption. The result was that hundreds of people gathered for the event as the president of the omelette event, Benedicte Mathy showed confidence that the giant omlette was safe to eat.

Image Source: NBC News