Getting Cleansed With The Indian Detox By Mira Manek And The Pantry Café Mumbai

Getting Cleansed With The Indian Detox By Mira Manek And The Pantry Café Mumbai

Eating healthy in a busy life becomes really difficult and sooner or later we end up joining the gym to lose that excess fat due to our easy choices. But what if we told you that our Indian ingredients have detoxifying, cleansing elements that are not only good for us but can help us lead a healthy lifestyle? We recently enjoyed a meal called The Indian Detox put up by British Indian Chef Mira Manek and The Pantry Café Mumbai; and after having that we can vouch for incorporating healthy, tasty food in our diet.

Mira Manek’s Saffron Soul

Chef Mira Manek spoke to us how in her childhood she had realised the value of Indian ingredients and what their use in everyday meal can mean. Incorporating health and nutrition has always been a part of our cooking style. Taking in knowledge and inspiration from her mother’s and grandmother’s cooking, Chef Manek has curated healthy recipes in her book – Saffron Soul. These recipes have their origins in India but are tweaked in a way to bring out their nutritive value. Chef Manek had collaborated with The Pantry Café in Mumbai to give us a taste of how delicious healthy eating can be and here’s our experience.

A Detoxifying Meal

We began our meal with an Almond Butter, Fennel and Chia Seed Smoothie, a dairy-free drink to begin our detox journey. Thick and filling, the smoothie is unlike any other we have tasted in the past. Packed with the goodness of almond, freshness of fennel and the antioxidant power of chia seeds, this drink was quite nutritive.

Next we tucked into a unique Tamarind Quinoa Bhel served on chilled watermelon. The bhel was delicious and while the quinoa filled us up, the watermelon kept it light on the stomach. The quintessential groundnuts in the bhel made it a lovely, healthy snack and of course the high protein content in quinoa made it all the more power-packed.

For our main course we had a Forbidden Rice and Coconut Bowl which was made up of black rice, grilled peppers, beetroot yoghurt, steamed broccoli, grated carrot, fresh avocado and mango chunks. This bowl was unbelievably delicious. This is your ultimate meal that not only fills you up but keeps you away from the bloating feeling. It will feel like you’ve eaten something tasty and satiating and we liked this the best on The Indian Detox menu.

We came to a close to this lovely detox meal with a steaming hot cup of Chili Cacao Chai which was spiced with ginger and paprika and served with a small chunk of chocolate. It was a refreshing beverage and perfect after the invigorating meal. Chef Mira Manek has created some wonderful dishes and we’re sure her book promises of all things healthy and tasty. The Pantry Café as usual played the perfect host and made our evening pleasant with their hospitality.


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