Get to Convo@C20 for Gadget-free conversations and Tasty treats


Stationed in Adyar, is a very cosy cafe with a unique concept. Convo@C20 was started with the idea of encouraging people to get off their phones and take part in some good old-fashioned conversation.

In today’s world, it has become the norm to be constantly texting and tweeting and uploading snapshots of your latest meal on Instagram. Living in an era where updating stories are more important than the original purpose of eating, Convo@C20 has made it their mission to try and encourage people to spend a little less time staring at their phones and a little more time talking to the people around them. To serve this purpose, the cafe has come up with a gadget-free ambience allowing you to socialize the good old way.

When you enter the cafe, you are asked to leave your phones in their ‘Jammer Corner’, which is basically a cupboard where they lock up your phones. (Don’t worry, you get it back when you leave!) Whether you decide to leave your phone in the jammer corner or keep it with you during your meal is entirely your choice. However, to make your decision easier, they offer a 20% discount on your total bill if you use the cafe’s jammer corner.

Convo@C20 has plenty of board games to keep you occupied while you wait for your food! These games are sure to keep you busy playing with your fellow mates and prevent your texting fingers from reaching for your phone. If you are in the mood to mingle, the cafe also has a community table, which encourages guests to create new friendships by striking up conversations with one another. Moreover, they have a special place where you can play Seated Football, Volleyball and Mini Golf.

Ideal Italian delicacies and American Fries

We started off with Awesome Threesome, Bruschetta slices of baguette topped in three ways; they had tender lamb, creamy tuna and cheesy chicken topped with corn. A bite of the baguette slice accompanied by the toppings kept our mouth-watering for more.

As we were munching on our Bruschetta slices, A hot plate of Salsa baked potatoes arrived. As we sliced through the potatoes, steam rushed out complemented by a tangy aroma. Not to mention the soft texture of the potatoes along with a dash of cheese and tomatoes topped with an olive.

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Next, we had Grilled and Sizzled, which comprised of grilled chicken with roasted potatoes, Brown Sauce and fresh salad. The grilled chicken slices coated with brown sauce were zesty and juicy.

The mighty Meaty bombs and veggie club sandwiches followed next. The Meaty bombs are Chicken burgers with chicken kebabs for the patty along with cheesy mayo, juicy tomatoes and some crisp lettuce with French fries. One big bite is enough to keep you tempting for more as the succulent chicken kebab and the freshness of the vegetables meet your palate.

The same goes for the Club sandwiches, which can either be vegetarian or meat depending on your preference. The highlight of our sandwich was the delectable caramelized onions! The sweet and nutty flavour of the onions blended well with the cottage cheese and lettuce.Finally, for dessert we had a light and rejuvenating cranberry soda, followed by the mouth-melting hot chocolate fondant known as the Deadly encounter.

Fun and good food is a guarantee at Convo@C20. It’s the perfect place to spend with your friends and family to have some real conversations and enjoy delicious food.

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