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You Can Get Stormtrooper Mochi At The Tokyo Disneyland And We Want Some Pronto


Half of the fun of going to Disneyland is all the awesome food they have there. From lightsaber churros to cotton candy that lights up, Disney has got it all. Now, the Tokyo Disneyland is taking it to the next level, with Stormtrooper mochi that looks almost too cute to eat!

Chris Nilghe, who shared a photo of the adorable looking snack, reviewed the mochi on his blog, TDR Explorer. He let us know that the mochi comes in three flavors: Custard Cream, Berry Cream, and Caramel Cream, and they’re almost equally scrumptious. “The berry cream is delicious but my heart belongs to the ‘milk & caramel,’ which tastes closer to butterscotch than caramel,” Chris wrote.

You can get the stormtrooper mochi at the Galactic Pizza Port and Soft Landing in Tomorrowland for the reasonable price of $3 without the case and $9 with the case. Mochi station here we come!

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