Get Rewarded For Your Moustache With Free Pizza In Mumbai

Get Rewarded For Your Moustache With Free Pizza In Mumbai

If you live in Mumbai and are well connected to social media you must have already guessed it. It is The Playlist Pizzeria to the rescue again with its generous offering on pizza. Unlike its unlimited pizza offer like last month, the pizzeria is all set to celebrate no shave November this time. For this they are giving free pizza to those who have a fully grown moustache.

Free Pizza For Men With Moustache

This is not the first time someone has offered free pizza in the last two months as 1441 Pizzeria was also offering pizzas for free on the launch of its new outlet. According to GQ India, the offer is valid until 30th of November at The Playlist Pizzeria and you can walk in anytime between noon to midnight for your free pizza. There is another catch along with the moustache – a minimum bill of Rs.500. For this you’ll get a 7-inch pizza and get rewarded for observing No Shave November. So all those with a moustache and the love for pizza have a great offer at hand this month.


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