Get Ready To Watch Gordon Ramsay Scream Some More On TV

British Celebrity Chef and horrid motor-mouth Gordon Ramsay is making sure that we get enough of his screaming and burning other chefs on television. And if his latest deal with UK network ITV is any proof, it’s about time we started watching TV with earmuffs on!

Ramsay is producing an all-new weekday culinary competition show, christened Culinary Genius, which will be a 20-episode series featuring nine competitors working alongside a rotating roster of famous chefs. Though in the inaugural first week, Ramsay will be at the helm of every episode as the celebrity guest. Ear muffs people, ear muffs.Get Ready To Watch Gordon Ramsay Scream Some More On TV

Culinary Genius happens to be one of the first projects Ramsay is working on as part of Studio Ramsay, a company that the chef formed with the production group All3Media last year. The chef/entrepreneur tells Deadline: “It’s a high-octane show held at a Thunderdome-style arena, with the audience sitting in anticipation as nine people with knives enter the octagon.”

Though the show doesn’t have an airing slot yet, producers across the Atlantic are already taking interest in adapting the show for American audiences. And keeping up with this keen interest, Ramsay is considering a spinoff with children, along the lines of MasterChef Junior.