Get Ready To Shell Out Up To 25 Percent Extra On Online Food Delivery

The plastic ban in Maharashtra has affected the food industry in a significant manner as restaurants indicate losses and unable to find a suitable alternative to plastic. According to a recent update by the Hindustan Times has revealed that online food delivery services in Mumbai are all geared to levy an extra charge of 20-25 percent.

Extra Charges On Food Delivery

After having been deprived of the input tax credit provision and now the plastic ban in the state gives online food businesses all the more reason to hike extra charges. The Indian Hotels and Restaurant Association (AHAR) had told the media on Wednesday that the hike isn’t avoidable as the restaurants and hotels will be using Injection Moulded Containers for food deliveries reports the Hindustan Times.

Get Ready To Shell Out Up To 25 Percent Extra On Online Food Delivery

“The plastic recyclable containers are costly and we will have to charge for them. Since a lot of Indian dishes are in the liquid form, we have found it difficult to find an alternative despite trying out many,” Vishwapal Shetty, general secretary, AHAR told the publication. “The plastic pouches that we used previously cost us 60 paise a piece and so we gave them free. It is not possible with containers and paper bags.” He even claimed that hotels might refund a part of the excess charge if the customers return the plastic containers.

The plastic ban has affected many a restaurants in the state as well as Mumbai. “We only gave food to those consumers who brought utensils from their homes,” said Arvind Shetty, owner of Utsav while speaking with the Hindustan Times.