Get Ready To Scoop Out Ben & Jerry’s Beer Ice Cream!

Earlier this year Ben & Jerry’s got us misty eyed by rolling out a beer with the New Belgium Brewing and now it strikes back with a beer flavoured gelato! Looks like the folks over at Ben & jerry’s have a thing for the brewed alcohol!


Caramel Twins

The ice cream chain has announced the launch of an ice cream flavor, the Salted Caramel Brown-ie Ale. While simultaneously New Belgium revealed its new beer flavor, which, you guessed it, is also Salted Caramel Brown-ie Ale.

The beer will be a dark variety made with decadent chocolate, vanilla and salted caramel notes. The ice cream on the other hand will be a blend of New Belgium Brown Ale ice cream with fudge brownie chunks and swirls of salted caramel.

Oh. My. God.PROMO_Ben-jerrys-ale


Why The Uncanny Similarity?

According to Brian Simpson, PR Manager to New Belgium, the beer and ice cream were created to be served together.

Food World News quotes Simpson saying that, “They have the same flavour profile in that you’ve got caramel and brownies going on in both.

“They pour over, which is how you’re going to experience it, is a scoop of ice cream with beer over it. My inference was it was going to be very sweet – like a root beer float, but the beer is a lot dryer than a root beer would be. The salt plays off the sweet very well.”ChaiIceCream


Eat For A Cause

The ice cream mogul also announced that part of the proceeds generated through the sales of this new ice-cream will be used for the benefit of Protect Our Winters, an organization aimed at tackling climate change.

Exciting as the flavour is, it’ll be a limited edition ice cream. The product is slated for market release for sometime later this cream