Get Ready For Some Nostalgia at JW Café’s Monsoon Memories Festival


We all have a collection of memories associated with the monsoons. I fondly remember playing football in the rain, getting wonderfully muddy and arriving home in a mess only to get dunked in a hot bath. After emerging from the bath, there would be a heart-warming (both literately and figuratively) spread on the table; hot chocolate, rassam, soup, pakoras; every day, there was something different to help us beat off colds and coughs.


By far my favourite food during the monsoon was a plate of shami kebabs. Had with a cup of tea, the kebabs were hot from the frying pan, spicy and melted in our mouths into a medley of flavours.

Monsoon Memoirs At JW Marriott

Recently, the JW Mariott Sahar in Mumbai gave me a chance to relive my monsoon memories by being a part of their unique Monsoon Memoirs event. A couple of days ago, a collection of five top food bloggers (including yours truly – *bows* -) in Mumbai were invited over to the JW Cafe to recreate our favourite monsoon food memories.



We were given a full rein of the JW Marriott Sahar’s Romano’s kitchen along with a host of delicious ingredients to make our dishes. I, naturally, made a batch of shami kebabs while the other bloggers worked with lamb mince, mozzarella, kaffir limes and prawns to create…

Well, you’ll just have to head over to the JW Café between the 24th and 30th of June and see for yourself, won’t you? Here’s a sneak peak –


We guarantee it’s going to be delicious and succeed in evoking your own cherished monsoon memories.

P.s I’m going to be at the JW Café on Monday the 27th; come on over if you want to taste my (if I do say so myself) delicious shami kebabs and talk to me about the wonderful memories they evoke.