Get Ready For ‘Mealtime Stories’ By Oprah

Media company, check. Stake in health company, check. Personal line of multi-vitamin water, check. Recipe book, check. Mogul status, check, check, and check! When it comes to being an entrepreneur and public figure, there is no person better than medial mogul Oprah Winfrey. The lady has a number of businesses – including a cookbook – to her name. And kicking off 2017 with yet another feather in her hat, Winfrey recently partnered up with Kraft Heinz and announced a new packaged food line called ‘Mealtime Stories’ this Wednesday.

According to a brief news release issued last night, the Kraft Heinz Company will “develop, manufacture, market, and sell this new line” of products in the United States. And if it’s Oprah, can there not be a positive drive? “To create a new line of food that will make real, nutritious products more accessible to everyone.” More details will be announced later this year, but the products are expected to extend across a range of categories.Get Ready For ‘Mealtime Stories’ By Oprah

In June 2016, Winfrey filed trademark paperwork for a supposed food brand called “Oprah’ Kitchen”, which would have under its umbrella foods and drinks like “bacon, processed and preserved foods, water, meat, dairy, fish, fruits and vegetables, baked goods, sorbet, spices, juices, dairy, fruit leather, lemonade, energy drinks, baked beans, pickles, cut flowers, caviar and even her very own beer.” Though it is unclear whether ‘Mealtime Stories’ is a refined manifestation of the same, we are glad that it is here!

Moreover, staying true to Oprah’s life missions – giving – the ethos of Mealtime Stories too revolves around benefiting the society. 10% of profits from “Mealtime Stories” will be donated to charities fighting hunger. So nobody stays hungry and you get to eat an Oprah-approved meal!