Get Ready For 360 Seconds Of Culinary Videogasm

There are very few things that can make an adult go ‘boohoo’. If they’re an animal lover, it’s the sight of a furry pup; if they’re into music, it’s the sound of a heavenly melody; the erudite fans get goose bumps when put in contact with great literary pieces. Similarly for us foodies, the taste of impeccably prepared food does the trick. But in this case the mere sight of impeccable food being prepared has poked fingers into our tear ducts.

Chinese food is famous for delicate and mild ingredients like shitake, glass noodles, tofu, etc. Not just that, the cuisine prides itself with expertly plated and presented grubs. This 6 minute video of chefs playing around with massive knives in process of creating master food pieces, will leave you craving a bowl of noodle soup!