Get Pretty Cakes Delivered at Your Doorstep In Mumbai

Mumbai, October 2018: When you have a special occasion you want to make sure everything is right and nothing is more perfect than delicious tarts and entremets by Vanilla Miel. Where only the highest available quality of ingredients is used, Vanilla Miel makes sure that every product doesn’t only taste good but looks just as good.

From an array of tarts to choose from, they swear by their classic Vanilla Miel with textures of Madagascar vanilla and honey roasted almonds. Another all-time favorite Sienna, satiates all the chocolate cravings you can have. With different textures exciting your palate, the combination of single origin chocolate ganache, chocolate maple sponge and cocoa hazelnut crunch is sure to hit the right spot. One of the prettiest entremets you would ever see, the Lilac is a sight for sore eyes. With a burst of flavor from passion fruit and milk chocolate cremeux, brownie sponge, white chocolate mousse and salted crunch, this one is sure to be the talk of every party. Berry lover? Then the Blanche is just for you. With layers of strawberry-pomegranate jelly, lemon curd and cream cheese mousse and butter biscuit, the Blanche is an all-time favorite.

Get Pretty Cakes Delivered at Your Doorstep In Mumbai

So next time you have a special occasion and want to make a statement, make sure to order one of Vanilla Miel’s indulgent treats.

About Vanilla Miel

Vanilla Miel is a patisserie that aims to seamlessly assimilate the aesthetics of floral art into edible creations befitting special occasions. Taking inspiration from the simple elegance of vanilla and honey- their brand identity, sister duo Isha Shetty and Mansi Shetty Bafna truly believe that each bite you take of any of their products should be an experience in itself. The petit gateaux, entremets and tarts at Vanilla Miel have between 3 to 6 layers each – every single layer channeling a varying flavour and yet coming together beautifully once eaten. Every decorative element, including flowers, on their desserts and tarts are 100% edible – handcrafted with pure chocolate and each one individually painted.

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