Get Paid To Eat Your Favorite Food

Do you enjoy that special fried chicken more than you care to mention? What about that nice succulent pizza in your fridge? Was that saved for another rainy day so you can enjoy it even further? Eating food can be a tasteful experience. What would you say to the same experience with a caveat thrown in, getting paid to do it. Sounds too good to be true? Its not. 

Food research company Campden BRI located in the UK, is looking to recruit people to become tasters for major brands and products. Their new state of the art center will be used for consumer research for leading food brands and to further take it forward, Campden BRI are paying nearly £100 to people who are willing to try out new food and give feedback based on certain requirements. 

eatin 2

Janetta Hylands, working for Campden BRI’s consumer and sensory sciences department said “We all eat and drink and we are all consumers. This means that anyone can provide useful information about what they like about a product, what they don’t particularly like and why, as well as their views on the products they consume.” The idea that someone gets paid to eat gourmet food  made by various leading companies is something unbelievable but there is a significant need for food tasters and Campden BRI’s new research center further brings the requirements significantly higher. 

So, if you are thinking that you eat too much in a day, check out their website and sign up. Who knows, you might be getting paid for eating something you love.