Get Loose Leaf Herbal Teas From This Start Up In Mumbai

There’s nothing that many an Indian loves better than a good cup of tea. While our street side chai sellers will always remain close to our hearts, there have been a lot of tea start ups which have different approaches to sourcing, brewing and making tea.


One such start up is Teasage, a Mumbai based company sells premium leaf tea blends.

The Teasage Story

Teasage was started by Akash Takwani who was inspired by an educational stint in China, where people carry around bags of leaf tea with them and make use of hot water facilities across public areas.


Takwani came back to India and, after extensive research on green and herbal teas and the benefits of them, he noticed that there were very few loose leaf teas available in the market.


So, Teasage, which blends tea leaves with fruits and spices was born.

The Products

Teasage offers a range of green, black and herbal teas including jasmine green tea, apple green tea, mint black tea, rose black tea, hibiscus ted tea and a ‘weight’ loss tea which contains tulsi, moringa and garcinia.

Teasage’s products are available in their individual variants or in tea boxes and kits – the Beginner’s Kit includes 4 tea blend and a strainer ball, the box of assortment contains 10 tea bags while the Teatox has four blends of herbal teas.