Get The Juiciest Burgers In Chennai At These 10 Restaurants In The City

For years, burgers have been the go-to meal for people all over the world. It’s easy and convenient and obviously the fastest way to get your fill of food. Maybe it was introduced to us and the world by McDonald’s, but it has grown into a cuisine of its own. Restaurants in India have dedicated themselves to serving different kinds of burgers, stuffed with deliciousness and loaded with even more goodies than we can fathom. To some, burgers are food of the gods, to others, burgers are the best thing since sliced bread. And when paired with French Fries, you have a meal unlike any other. Sure, in movies you see them eating burgers and sipping on beers while they hang out with friends.

Burgers come in different shapes and sizes, made with different ingredients and served in so many different ways. Whatever kind of burger you’re looking for, someone is bound to have it. In some parts of the country, beef is banned, but you can be guaranteed to get your hands on a delicious beef burger in Chennai. Here’s where you can go in the city to get your hands on delicious and tasty burgers that will totally rock your world.



Tovo has an interesting concept for a restaurant and they’ve stuck with it since inception. Where you get to make your own burger from start. Pick the bread, the meat, the infusions, the flavours and everything else that goes with it. Quite literally letting you make your burger and eat it too! And of course, they’ve got everything from Paneer to Chicken, so choose carefully.

Locations: Mylapore, Besant Nagar, Anna Nagar West

Double Roti


You’re probably been hiding under a rock if you haven’t heard of Double Roti or you haven’t been there yet, because if there is one place you are bound to find delicious burgers. From the minute they opened, they have not disappointed with their creations, names and innovations. Even if they’ve added pizzas and other things to their menu, their burgers are what you’re obviously going there for!

Locations: Teynampet, Anna Nagar East, Neelangarai



The American chain has finally arrived in Chennai and with it, they’ve brought their signature Tex-Mex cuisine to the city. Obviously, if you’re thinking of Texan food, you’re going to find burgers on the menu. Juicy and spicy, their burgers are the perfect blend of Mexican and Texas American cuisine.

Location: Express Avenue, Royapettah

The 90’s Cafe


Themed after the 90’s, the year all the owners were born, the restaurant is decked out quite nostalgically. They’ve got a big mural on the wall, plus their menu is filled with good old fashioned American food. Including delicious burgers. If you’re going to get a burger, make sure you get the beef burger, because it is absolutely mouthwatering.

Location: Anna Nagar East

Brick House Bistro


It’s almost as if this is a name that is synonymous with burgers in the city. According to the restaurant, their burgers are as close to the American burger that you could find in the city. Meaty and delicious, their patties range from Paneer to Chicken to Beef and if that’s not enough, you can also have a mushroom patty burger, because the sky is the limit.

Locations: Anna Nagar East, Besant Nagar

Cheesy Juicy Burgers


With a name like this, could you go anywhere else for a delicious burger filled meal? We think not. In fact, we’re pretty sure that you will not find a more appropriate place to help your burger cravings. They’ve even got special burgers which are absolutely delicious, including a section of Chettinadu inspired burgers!

Location: Injambakkam

Radio Room

Burgers and beer, that’s the ultimate combination. And at Radio Room, you can get that with a healthy dose of classic rock, making it quite the experience. Pair their beef burger with a cold bottle of beer and your day is sorted. Whether it’s in the middle of the week or the weekend, you’re guaranteed a good time.

Location: Santhome

Plan B


Another pub that serves that great in the city, Plan B is a Banglore brand that has made quite the name for themselves in both cities. Beer, cocktails and whatever else you’re craving goes really well with a delicious beef burger. Don’t believe us? Visit them this weekend and find out.

Location: Greams Road

Ciclo Cafe


You know what makes a burger great? Bacon. And Ciclo Cafe has a great beef and bacon burger that will hit the right spot. Served with a great helping of fries, this is the burger to beat all burgers! No seriously, we mean it.

Location: Kotturpuram

Cafe Central


T.Nagar’s latest restaurant has a menu filled with familiar and new dishes, things you’ve thought of, but never really enjoyed before. It’s delicious in a way that you would not expect and their burgers are soft and juicy.

Location: T. Nagar

And of course, you can always turn to the faithful McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC to treat you to something absolutely fantastic and familiar. But if you’re looking for a change and something new, then pick from the list above.