Get Ice Creams At Rs.9 On Wednesday At Sassy Teaspoon’s New Outlet In Bandra

Get Ice Creams At Rs.9 On Wednesday At Sassy Teaspoon’s New Outlet In Bandra

Sassy Teaspoon is a popular bakery and cake shop in Mumbai and Pune which is all set to open doors to its yet another outlet in Bandra on 14th November. To mark the occasion, the outlet will be giving ice-creams for just Rs. 9 each and you can choose from a variety of flavours like Cookie dough, Red Velvet, Vanilla, Guava Chilli Sorbet, Raspberry Sorbet as well as sugar free options like Strawberry Balsamic & Decadent Chocolate. But that’s not the only exciting thing about this launch.

Explosive Cakes & Pastry Shakes

Aside from the tempting offer, ice-creams aren’t the only reason you should be visiting this brand new outlet of Sassy Teaspoon. For taking a step forward in creativity, there are going to be explosive cakes and pastry shakes on the menu. “We have tried to create something new and exciting for our customers with this outlet. The location is nostalgic to us owing to the popularity of The Sassy Spoon and we’re bringing Sassy back to Bandra in a different avatar! The Explosive cakes are definitely going to add the element of surprise for everyone along with our Pastry milkshakes,” said Rachel Goenka, Founder and CEO, The Chocolate Spoon Company.

Their explosive cakes include flavours like rainbow and chocolate but the hidden treats inside is what’s going to grab your attention. With a promise of bringing childhood memories back, these cakes are surely a great reason to pay a trip down to the Bandra outlet of Sassy Teaspoon. Another big reason are their pastry shakes available in luscious flavours like PBJ Monster which is a Sassy Spoon favourite, Oreo Espresso Fudge and Blueberry Cheesecake. There is plenty more to explore here like slushes, iced teas, desserts and savoury goodies too.

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