Get The Holiday Vibes With The New Starbucks Cup And Winter Delights Pan India

Come December and the city is abuzz with fairy lights, decorated Christmas trees, glitzy décor and what not! The cold leads us to our favourite coffee place – Starbucks. The evening of 17th November was all the more special as we got to decorate and personalise our Starbucks Holiday Cup in Mumbai and tried the winter treats!

The Starbucks Experience

The Starbucks Holiday Cups come with the perfect holiday message ‘give good’. The festive spirit was evident with the holiday motifs on the cups. We grabbed a chair and sat down colouring, sticking beads and basically taking a trip down to childhood as we decorated and personalised our holiday cup.

Get The Holiday Vibes With The New Starbucks Cup And Winter Delights Pan India

While we were busy colouring we were treated with an inviting holiday menu as we began with a warm carrot cake with a cream cheese dip. It gave us the winter feels and left us with a fuzzy feeling. Next we tried the new holiday flavours – Vanilla Nougat Latte, The Toffee Crunch Latte and The Mocha Praline Latte. We loved the strawberries and almonds featured in the Vanilla Nougat Latte and for us it was the best amongst the three. Even though we picked a favourite, we did enjoy the other two and these two were equally refreshing.

The Toffee Nut Crunch Latte is perfect for those lazy winter mornings but just don’t want to get out of bed. It’s the perfect pick-me-up latte with crunchy toppings, espresso and the hint of sweetness from the caramel. The Mocha Praline Latte is delightful with the classic combination of chocolate and hazelnut and the mocha drizzle. It’s that treat you offer yourself after a long hard day at work.

So without further ado, visit Starbucks this winter and get into festive mood as you sip on these amazing blends of latte!