Get in The Holiday Spirit With Shake Shack’s Delicious New Holiday Shakes

Shake Shack, an American restaurant chain best known for its beef burgers has raised its hat to the holiday season with three new holiday drinks.

Shake It Up

The shakes tap into the flavours of the festive season; the first, a Pumpkin Pie shake features Four and Twenty Blackbirds’’ pumpkin pie with vanilla custard and whipped cream while the second, a Chocolate Peppermint Shake has chocolate frozen custard, peppermint, whipped cream and a chocolate peppermint candy crumble.

Lastly, there’s a Christmas shake with cookie frozen custard, whipped cream and red and green sprinkles.


The shakes are priced at $5.75 each and are available across the US aside from in stadiums and the John F Kennedy International Airport. They hit the stores today and will be available until the 1st of January. On the purchase of a $25 or more gift card, Shake Shack will also give you a special-edition holiday ornament. Why not buy a gift card and save it until you can try the chain’s new chicken sandwich which will debut next year?