Get High On Summer With A New Cocktail Menu At Chidiya Ghar Bar, Roseate House New Delhi

Come summer and we’re all subjected to a cruel heat wave that can beat the best of us at our hydration game. Unless you take a little poison with your hydrants! Chidya Ghar, the opulent bar at Roseate House is all set to explore the idea of real conversations through its specially curated menu of ‘Summer Cocktails’. Using natural flavors of fruits and spices, the menu has exquisite drinks in different categories. Touted as the first of its kind ‘old school’ bar room, Chidya Ghar offers a fusion of the best-selected ingredients, keeping in mind their seasonal availability.

Guests can choose from an array of drinks with choices in gin, martini, and tonic. The drinks are curated by Deepak Rawat, Director of Food & Beverage at Roseate Hotels & Resorts. Though spiked with alcohol, these cocktail are not the over the top heady kind and, in fact, just perfect to drive a happy conversation on a sultry summer afternoon (or morning, we’re not judging).

We took a trip to Roseate Hotels & Resorts’ gorgeous property in New Delhi Aerocity and were treated with the five refreshing poisons. Here’s all that we had.



Walnut, bourbon, lime, homemade Indian spiced sugar, bitter.

A beautiful blend of bourbon whiskey with the silkiness of walnut and touch of homemade orange bitter, the NRI personifies all that defines ‘home’ for Indian migrants, a.k.a. NRIs. The cocktail is almost a whiskey sour but not really one and that is what truly intrigues us! This potion played with subtle flavours of lime, bitters, a mildly spiced sugar, and walnut, beautifully served with a strong undertone of bourbon that will definitely be a whiskey-lovers’ favourite.



Gin, lime, cucumber, rosemary, tonic.

This is an interesting spin on the classic gin & tonic. However, the nomenclature of this cocktail goes way beyond layman knowledge, and no, it does not stand for Jammu & Kashmir. The J is for Juniper, which is the berry from where gin gets its flavour and K is for cucumber, which brings a bout of summery freshness to this drink. Served in a large goblet, this rosemary-infused cocktail is a blessing for all of you looking for a heady summer elixir this season.


Mother’s Ruin

Gin, lime, thyme, agave, tonic.

A heady play on the home remedies that our mother made to shoo away fevers – or pretty much any ailment – and to keep us healthy, Mother’s Ruin brings together the best of summer in a glass with a lime, thyme, agave, gin, and tonic blend. Now there’s a health remedy we’d happily down!

L-R: Mother’s Ruin, J&K


State of Jalisco

Tequila, elderflower, agave, egg white.

This cocktail brings a dollop love and Summer vibes from Mexico. The mix gives a nod to the currently trending elderflower – that also made its way into the Royal Wedding this weekend – while mixing it up with agave, egg white, and tequila, of course! Salud!


T Sour

Vodka, Assam tea, Peppermint, Hibiscus, Lime, Egg White.

Assam meets Russia on a beautiful Spring afternoon in this glass of frothy cocktail. The T Sour, as mentioned is a blend of Assam tea-infused vodka shaken up with some peppermint, lime, and egg white that churns out this blonde frithy grail, which boasts of a fresh splash of hibiscus as well. Served in a traditional Indian street side cutting chai glass, this one was easily our favourite summer cocktail on the menu!

So, get ready to experience an elaborate beverage menu featuring a fine display of quirky cocktails amidst the magical landscape setting of The Roseate House!

Venue: Chidya Ghar Bar, Roseate House, New Delhi Aerocity

Date: Ongoing till September, 2018

Time: 1 PM – 1 AM

Price: INR 700++