Get in the Grocery Line, Thailand.

In a new Line.

Line, with over 181 million users every month, is getting changing ‘lines’ a little. 

In Thailand, they will, as of Feb 4th, offer a grocery service with free delivery across Thailand. They promise discounts on some everyday groceries that people need to stock up on often, such as bottled water, coffee, and instant noodles. Thailand is one of Line’s biggest markets with over 36 million users every month. 

“Food and consumer goods-based e-commerce businesses have been around for quite a while now, especially in developed markets like the US and Korea. However, only recently are we starting to see the shift towards mobile-first with on-demand businesses that extend to every part of our life. This campaign is our first step towards moving into developing our channel exclusively for the emerging online groceries category,” said Sedong Nam from Line Plus Corp. He added that the messaging app faces a challenge in this new space and needs “to educate both consumers and retailers in the region on the benefits of mobile commerce.”