Get Your Fill Of Quirky, Organic Fare At The American Joint In Mumbai

A few weeks ago, 30 executive chefs gathered together at the JW Marriott in Juhu to discuss culinary trends that 2016 will see. One of the major trends all the chefs agreed on was a focus on healthy, organic fare – concepts like farm to fork dining will become more and more popular.

Mumbai has a new destination that invites customers to enjoy such a dining experience; The American Joint, which opened its doors in BKC early this month. Started by entrepreneurs Vishesh Kadakia, Parag Vakil, Manan Mehta and Sahil Sheth, The American Joint uses only organic fruits and vegetables in its dishes.

Sahil Sheth, one of the co-owners tells us that, as an engineer, he worked in a small town in the interiors of Maharashtra. During his stay, he developed a relationship with local farmers, who now provide the fresh produce to the restaurant. Aside from the organic ingredients, the restaurant becomes unique in that it blends classic American dishes with Indian flavours creating unique fusion food.

A perfect example of a fusion dish at the eatery is the Mac & Tikka which takes the quintessentially American Mac & Cheese and coats it with a tikka sauce. We tried the Mac & Tikka on a visit to the eatery and were bowled over; the creamy cheese and the tangy tikka sauce beautifully complemented each other and tasted wonderful when had with the accompanying macaroni.


We also loved the ‘Hummus To You’, an appetiser that included a pot of smooth, creamy hummus that is made using organic chick peas and a generous dose of garlic and a side of soft pita bread triangles.


Another must try is the Chilli Cheese Burger, another fusion dish which takes the classic American burger and Indianises it with a green chilly infused potato patty. Also nestled between the burger buns was a generous helping of cream cheese.


For desert, we had the “Coffee” & Doughnuts; fried donut balls with a frosting of powdered sugar were served with a Nutella espresso dipping sauce. The donut balls were tender and chewy and the accompanying ‘coffee’ elevated them further making them the perfect indulgence.


We’ll bet a doughnut ball that you’re close to drooling. Head over to The American Joint to get your fill of delicious organic fare with a quirky twist and then have yourself some donut balls. You can think us later.