Get Creamed Honey And Long Leaf Teas Straight From The Himalayas From This Mumbai Start-up

In the face of lifestyle concerns, the world has become obsessed with natural, organic and healthy foods. In Mumbai, several health focused restaurants and services have sprung up in the recent months offering all natural cold pressed juices, super food salads and organic detox teas. One of the newer kids on the block is Theo Organics.

The Claim To Fame

Recently, Theo Organics was in the spotlight for its association with the Global Citizen concert which was held in Mumbai in November. Rumour has it that every international performer at the concert, including Coldplay’s Christ Martin and Demi Lovato received a hamper filled with Theo Organics’ products.

A Gift From The Himalayas

However, a possible famous fan following shouldn’t be the only reason you’re excited about Theo Organics; focus, instead, on the products it offers.

All of Theo Organics products – infused honey, creamed honeys, smokey honey, long leaf teas, Himalayan salts, Rhododendron extract, Pickles, Himalayan Herbs and Chestnuts are sourced exclusively from the Himalayas.

Describing their products as a “divine gift of the Himalayas, the Theo Organics website says “Theo Organics farms are located 6,837 feet above sea level in the pristine environs of The Himalayas. The air, water and soil is at its natural best and we source our products using traditional methods that have been handed down over centuries.”

The website also offers visitors recipes featuring Theo Organics products and suggestions about how they can be used to enhance taste. We’re particularly intrigued by the creamed honey – available in flavours like ‘Cranberry Cream Honey’ and ‘Blueberry Cream Honey’, they can be used as a healthy, delicious spread during breakfast.

Theo Organics’ products can be purchased form their website or from Amazon.


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