Get Cooler Than Cool With Indigo Deli’s Frozen Menu This Summer


At the height of summer, Mumbaikars are finding respite in the welcoming arms of air conditioned eateries across the city. Many of these restaurants are pulling out all the stops to make sure they’re giving their customers all they need to beat the heat. In a prime example, Indigo Deli, which has outlets across the city, has put together a Frozen Dessert Menu which features drinks, sundaes, ice creams and desserts that are cooler than cool.


Stepping into the restaurant’s Palladium outlet – an elegant space, filled with low beams and wooden furniture – we pick up the specially crafted menu and are immediately struck by how it reminds us of two pop culture stalwarts – Game of Thrones and Frozen (the movie). Just like its (assumed) inspirations, the Frozen Menu will delight both adults – who go gaga over Game of Thrones – and children – who have embraced piles and piles of Frozen merchandise. That’s why Indigo Deli is the perfect escape this summer to go with your friends, family and colleagues alike.

The Frozen menu features four sections – the Drinks which include delights like Mango and Minted Yogurt Freeze and Frozen Pina Colada, Ice Creams which include Toasted Coconut Brownie ice cream and Mango and Peach Frozen Yogurt, Sundaes which include a Drunken Waffles Sundae and a Deli Beach Sundae and the Frozen Desserts with items like Iced Coffee Vanilla Swiss Roll and Frozen Mango Tiramisu. You’ll notice that in a further spirit of summer, the menu is delightfully fruit heavy.

Take a look at what we loved from the menu:


Mango and Minted Yogurt Freeze


A velvety drink which combines the sweetness of mango with the sharpness of mint creating a refreshing, uplifting treat.

Banana and Strawberry Frozen Creme


Since we’re big fans of banana, this drink was an instant hit; it layered caramelised bananas atop a strawberry pulp and fresh cream making it deeply indulgent.

Frozen Mango Tiramisu


The king of fruits made a glorious appearance atop and infused in a classic tiramisu which topped a bed of crunchy Rice Krispies. The velvety mango complemented the smoothness of the tiramisu which was balanced with the crunchiness of the Rice Krispies making a wonderfully textured, oh-so-cool dessert.

Iced Coffee Vanilla Swiss Roll


Coffee flavoured sponge cake and vanilla ice cream are wrapped around each other and placed on top of a bed of fine chocolate powder. The coffee and vanilla complemented each other beautifully!

Frosty Berries


We wrapped up our tasting with another cooler than cool drink; the Frosty Berries – as you may have guessed from its name – combines a variety of sweet, juicy berries in a drink that is topped with a handful of whole berries.

Other must trys from the Frozen Menu are the Manjari Chocolate, Mango and Passion Fruit Verine, the Frozen Pina Colada and the Hot Chocolate Freeze. Are you drooling? Head over to Indigo Deli to sample some icy treats; you know you want to!