Get Artsy with Loft’s Charcoal Sketching Workshop

Throughout the Renaissance, most artists used charcoal to prepare their panel paintings or fresco murals, and many used charcoal in their drawing studies during the initial stages of their masterpieces.

Loft gives you a chance to create your own masterpiece with such a creative Charcoal Sketching Workshop. Its rich dramatic markings make it a favorite of many artists and your own hand-painted version is sure to adorn the walls of your bedroom.

Get Artsy with Loft’s Charcoal Sketching Workshop

Want to make sure that you won’t be able to finish your own masterpiece on an empty stomach? Fret not! You can also order your favorite meal and beverages from a widespread and relish it all at a cozy and quirky ambiance.

Venue: Loft, Koramangala Bangalore

Date: 31st August 2019 Saturday

Time: 3 pm

Cost: INR 1,500 Book Now