German International School, Chennai Implements An All Vegan Menu!
August 17, 2017
Christina George (1494 articles)

German International School, Chennai Implements An All Vegan Menu!

Veganism has come to India in a big way! The German International School, Chennai has implemented an all vegan menu for the new school year! In fact, this is the first fully vegan school in India – which is pretty commendable! This change comes after the school started rescuing farm animals earlier in the year.

Speaking to Plant Based News, Thomas A. Pallushek, Advisor for International Schools in the Asia Pacific region, said: “We felt it was ethically not right. We wanted to reduce the human impact on the environment and eating less meat is the simplest way.” He also added that it’s a lot healthier.

The German International School also makes their own alternatives to meat and cheese and bakes their own bread! On their site, they also have a flowchart with information on how to maintain a balanced diet as well as emphasize the need for a proper substitution of animal products with other proteins such as quinoa and lentils.

In fact, their menu is full of fresh, healthy substitutes, which actually sound pretty delicious! The daily menu includes dishes with cucumber avocado toast, zucchini bread and apple sauce, as well as ratatouille, flavored rice with dal, pumpkin spice muffins, and fruit smoothies.

While parents are free to serve their kids non-vegetarian food while at home. Their meal at school ensures that they’re getting a good portion of healthy food and vegetables daily – that in itself, is quite an achievement!





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