Genuine Broaster Chicken Will Be Handing Out Lemon Juice To Queues Outside Banks

We’ve all spent some of our time over the last week in a queue. Following the demonetisation move from the government, Indians are either sweating profusely outside ATMs to load up on Rs.100 notes or outside banks to exchange their now defunct Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes or deposit the same.

Over the last weekend, Pizza Hut showed its solidarity with queue-ers by handing out free slices of pizza and glasses of water. Now, American Heritage Brand Genuine Broaster Chicken will also be taking steps to help people in long bank queues.

The Initiative

In a (literally) refreshing initiative which lends its support towards the government move, the US-based QSR restaurant will serve fresh lemon juice to people stating in bank and ATM queues in Versova and Andheri in Mumbai as well as in Surat and Raipur.


Commenting on the initiative the Spokesperson for Genuine Broaster Chicken said, “At Genuine Broaster Chicken, we always strive to uphold our position as a brand that has an ‘American soul, with an Indian heart’. This strong belief in our core principle is what compelled us to become a part of the on-going revolution against black money in India with our special initiative. By serving our refreshing offering to people, who are patiently waiting in line for long hours at banks to exchange/deposit demonetized cash, we are only doing our duty towards the nation. Such positive changes in a country like India are extremely satisfying as it proves that the subcontinent is changing for a better tomorrow”.


Genuine Broaster Chicken is an American brand which was brought to India by Yellow Tie Hospitality Management earlier this year.