Genius or Ridiculous: Edible Ketchup Leather

Turning food into slices is something that we as a species have aced. Case in point: cheese slices and Japan’s ingenious chocolate slices. But it’s time we expanded that list with a new somewhat similar addition – ketchup leather. That’s right, their now exists a slice of edible foodstuff that tastes of ketchup and an American restaurant has already worked it into their menus and are serving it inside burgers.

But what is this new form of ketchup and how it is made? Created by Plan Check’s executive chef Sean Yontz, the condiment is made using a fruit leather, made with dehydrated ketchup that can easily be served with most foods as well. And according to its creator, this leathery form of ketchup is neater and doesn’t make the bread soggy whilst neatly melting with the warmth of the patty and other ingredients.

“Our new and recurring guests are huge fans of ketchup leather,” Yontz told Food & Wine. “[Los Angeles] locals especially are always game to try out fresh and different experiences.”

Genius or Ridiculous: Edible Ketchup Leather

Image: Huffington Post 

But while the concept seems brilliant and quite immaculate, there are some (guilty as charged) who’d rather pair their food with the classic sauce instead of this new leather. What’s your take on it? Would you plop a leather of ketchup on your sandwich or just top it with some good ol’ tomato sauce?

Feature Image: Fine Dining Lovers