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Geist Launches Its Latest Craft Beer – Rauch-a-Fella To A “Hoppy” Recption


Geist has been making waves in the craft beer scene in Namma Ooru since its inception, and it looks like the brews just keep on coming! Geist launched Rauch-a-Fella – their latest craft beer offering, at the brewery in Hoskote on saturday, April 27th. Needless to say, the day was filled with beer, as well as some scrumptious bites from Plan B .

A Bit About The Beer

Before the Industrial Revolution, grains were dried in open wood-fired kilns. The smoke infused the malt and eventually the finished beer. Over time, there was a shift to indirect-fired kilns and the smoke flavour in beer mostly disappeared. However, some breweries in towns like Bamberg in the Franconia region still follow the old tradition of smoking the malt over local beechwood.

The Geist Rauch-a-Fella is a smoked wheat beer, inspired by the famous smoke beers of Bamberg. Its name is a twist on the “la” suffix, common in the Franconian dialect. This hazy and light amber ale is brewed with beechwood smoked barley malt and traditional wheat malt, which is sure bring on an appetising smoke experience. The distinctive smoke flavour, the toasty malt character and classic Weissbier aromas make it a true Rauchweizen.

With an IBU of 16 its not too bitter for the novice beer drinker, and an ABV 5.4% ensures that you can have a few before you topple. You can find out where the Rauch-a-Fella is pouring here. Don’t forget to let us know how you enjoyed the brew!

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