Geetu Mohnani Wins 2016 Starbucks Coffee Championship In India

On September 28th, Tata Starbucks Pvt Limited announced the winner of their 2016 Coffee Championships; Geetu Mohnani from New Delhi. The Coffee Championships are a worldwide initiative by Starbucks to recognize and appreciate the efforts of its partners who man Starbucks counters and make the coffees.


The Grand Finale Of The Starbucks India Coffee Championships

The Coffee Championships began with regional competitions, in which 450 Starbucks partners and coffee masters competed in the six cities where Starbucks has a presence in India. Following regional semifinals, 6 partners came to Mumbai to participate in the Grand Finale.

The Grand finale consisted of four rounds; the Pour Over session which was an interactive coffee tasting, the Bar Skill session, which tested beverage Artistry, the Blind Tasting round, to judge coffee attuned palates and the Question & Answer round, where the participants presented ideas on how to elevate coffee leadership in their markets.

Geetu Mohnani walked away victorious, while Monica Kithodya and Atul Inderyas were first and second runner ups respectively. The winners will go on to participate in the Starbucks Regional Championship to be held in South East Asia later this year.


Commenting on the event, Sumitro Ghosh, the CEO of Tata Starbucks said “Building on the success of last year, we’re delighted with the energy witnessed at the second edition of the Starbucks Coffee Championship as we celebrate what our partners do every day in a special way. Our partners are truly the strength of our brand and play an instrumental role in delivering the unique Starbucks Experience to each customer in every neighborhood we serve. “The Starbucks Coffee Championship gives them a chance to demonstrate their passion and pride for coffee, commitment to the brand as well as showcase their skills.”

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