Gear Up For The Big Burger Binge And Super Shakes Fest At Cafe Felix!
August 18, 2017
Christina George (1182 articles)

Gear Up For The Big Burger Binge And Super Shakes Fest At Cafe Felix!

If you’re looking for great continental fare and fantastic ambiance right in the heart of the city then look no further than Cafe Felix! Obviously, we were bummed when the highway liquor ban was implemented – which meant no more delicious cocktails. However, that didn’t faze the good folks at Cafe Felix as they’ve now come out with The Big Burger Binge and Super Shakes Fest!

It was already common knowledge that the burgers and milkshakes at Cafe Felix were sublime but they’ve added some new additions that we just can’t wait to try! You can choose from the All American Burger, Comfort & Glory, Big Boy Burger, Bacon Bomb (sounds like a burger after my own heart), Fillet of Felix and much more.


Don’t forget to pair them with super scrumptious Super Shakes you can go classic with the Good Ol’ Snickers Shake, a bit more experimental with the Custard Apple and Nutella, or get a fruity kick with the Raspberry and Banana, Coco Melon and More.


The Big Burger Binge and Super Shakes Fest is on from August 18th to September 3rd and if burgers and shakes are your thing, then we’re certain that you won’t want to miss out!

Date: 18th August 2017 – 3rd September 2017

Place: Cafe Felix, 1MG Mall

For Reservations: Call – 080-2208 6644


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Christina George

Christina George

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