Is Garlic A Spice Or A Vegetable? #POLL

Price fluctuation among fruits and vegetables is a common notion. Especially since the introduction of the Goods & Services Tax (GST). But did you know that there is a completely different category of foods that is affected by this recently levied tax? Spices.

Now, not only are spices also affected by GST, their prices also depend on a whole other GST rate. Basically, the GST on vegetables is different from that on spices. Something the Rajasthan High Court now knows all too well, following a recent Public Interest Litigation (PIL). The PIL, which has been escalated to the state government, questions whether garlic is a spice or a vegetable. Clarity on this would further help decide whether garlic should be sold as spice or as a vegetable. In case of the former, GST will be applicable on it.

Moreover, currently farmers pay a 2 per cent commission to the middlemen for selling garlic in the grain market, but if sold in vegetable market instead, they will be charged with six per cent commission.

Many people argue that given its visual similarity with onions, garlic too should be categorized as a vegetable. However, others point out that garlic cannot be eaten as a vegetable and therefore should not belong to the category.

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The state government is still sitting over the question and is likely to give its decision by the end of this week. Meanwhile, here’s our question to you: according to you, is garlic a vegetable or a spice? Vote below and tell us what you think.


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