Garima Arora’s Restaurant In Bangkok Gaa Wins A Michelin Star

Garima Arora’s Restaurant In Bangkok Gaa Wins A Michelin Star

Winning a Michelin star for her restaurant Gaa located in Bangkok, Garima Arora has become the first female Indian chef to receive this honour. She has been chef de partie at Copenhagen’s Noma as well as worked with Gaggan Anand and the latter too is a Michelin star winner. “When we launched, there was no Michelin guide here. So it was never consciously what I wanted, but of course we’re so happy,” Garima Arora told The Hindu.

Garima Arora Gets A Michelin Star

“I think what (Michelin) looks for in Asia is probably a little more diverse than what they look for in Europe, but it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what that is,” Chef Arora said while talking to the publication. Her restaurant Gaa showcases delicacies like duck donut, unripe jackfruit with roti and pickles, and crayfish served with khakra. “Dosa, idli — it’s all lactic acid fermentation, and we’ve been doing it for donkey’s years, only we don’t know that it’s cool yet. It’s definitely modern food, I also try to do justice to where I live today,” Chef Arora says while talking to The Hindu.

Image Source: Man’s World


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