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How About Some Garden-Inspired Cakes? #POLL


Cakes and baked – especially the frosted variety – can always turn around the worst of days. And for all you cake-lovers, there is a new kind of cake in town, which totally get even the gardening fanatics reeling. PopSugar recently reported on a new cake-decorating trend that’s taking over Instagram. Behold, the garden-inspired cake trend! And not just any green bakers are obsessed with dotting their cakes with greens grown in torrid and dry places like cacti instead of the usual lilies and roses.

Don’t you think this a great shift from the regular daisies an greens that sit atop our fondant and buttercream topped bakes. The trend is not limited to only cakes, some bakers have even adorned mini cupcakes with adorable little succulents, cactus, and terrarium. Take a look!

What do you think about this new garden-inspired cake icing trend? Vote below and let us know!

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Feature Image: Pinterest

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