‘Garam Khana at Your Train Seat,’ Guarantees Railtiffin.com

More people travel by train than flight in India. Trains connect you to places airports are yet to. And travelling by trains can be a little deterring because most journeys require at least 24 hours or more. This means that you need food to sustain you while you travel. The hygiene conditions and food quality cannot always be assured in India and more often than not we find ourselves second guessing whether to leave the platform to grab a bite or to risk eating the food served on the train. As a solution to this problem Railtiffin.com was born.
It all began when Piyush Bothra, Co-founder and CEO and Harshit Jain, COO of Railtiffin.com, decided to quit their jobs and start something of their own. Having travelled extensively by trains in India, they both knew it was something they both wanted to do. So how does their service work?
They have tied up with restaurants in more than 120 stations in India to deliver food to their customers’ seats. If you have travelled by train in India, you’ll know how anxious eating the pantry food can make you. While some are able to digest the food without issues there are many others who simply cannot take it. Their service targets these people. You don’t have to worry about waking up early to make food for your journey, the food going bad too soon because of climatic changes or the unpleasantness of cold food.
All you need is an internet connection or phone to use their service. You can place orders via their website, call their call centre, SMS or tweet your order to them. They serve in more than 120 towns and cities and 1500 plus trains. They have offers to accompany your orders and they also have the option for group orders (bulk orders) if you’re travelling in large groups.