‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans, Here’s A GOT-Themed Menu To Get Your Reeling!


The latest season of Game Of Thrones is set to release this months and it has got fans on the edge of their seats, unable to cope with all the excitement! And to fuel the adrenaline, a New York-based restaurant has revealed an exciting new Game Of Thrones themed menu for the food-loving GOT fanatic.

Chef David Sentos, who is overlooking the menu, is not only reviving his Um Segredo Supper Club in New York City, he’s adding seven courses inspired by season 7 of Game Of Thrones, reports Gothamist. Moreover, each of the new dishes is an edible homage to characters from the series. In fact, each one draws inspiration from two characters.

For example, Cersei Lannister and Euron Greyjoy inspired the black chicken and smoked eel dumpling soup. “This could get interesting between these two. I’m super curious how this relationship from necessity will pan out. More than likely a disaster!” Santos predicted about season 7. “For the dish, I am taking a Silkie chicken, which is probably the coolest, most beautiful chicken in the world on the outside but when the feathers are removed its skin is as black as Cersei’s heart. What better way to make this surf and turf connection than with the snake of the sea, the eel to represent that snake Euron! A deadly, delicious combination.”

And then there is a fire kissed tuna carpaccio with onions and spicy jalapeño ice was inspired by Jon Snow and Ser Davos. “I wanted to play on the thought of Jon being of ice and fire. That’s where the torched tuna comes in along with the fiery jalapeño ice,” Santos said to Gothamist. “Ser Davos’ banner flies the onion and he’s also known as the Onion Knight. Their relationship together will be hugely important in convincing the mother of dragons to help!”

'Game Of Thrones' Fans, Here's A GOT-Themed Menu To Get Your Reeling!Image (representational image): Bon Appetit


And these are just two of the dishes the menu has on offer. Other dishes will feature characters including Daenerys and Jaime Lannister, Arya Stark and Gendry, and Sansa and Littlefinger.

However, a very lucky few will be able to sink their hooks into this dramatic meal, as only six seats are available each night for dinners on July 14 through July 18. Tickets are on sale for $125.


Source: Refinery29

Feature Image: Food Hacks Daily – WonderHowTo