Are You Game For These Oreo V-Day Special? #POLL

The world may be painted in happy and merry shades, but popular cookie brand Oreo is already thinking a step ahead. The biscuit magnate is all set to roll out Valentine Day themed Oreo cookies that pack the signature V-day combo of strawberry and chocolate, a.k.a., Oreo’s Chocolate Strawberry limited-edition cookies.

Now, we don’t know whether V-day came early for Oreo or whether they just want to treat us some good ol’ strawberry and coco in the midst of winter, but the news is totally legit.

According to Refinery29, the classic cookie sandwiches together a chocolate cream that’s been filled with a strawberry-flavored center. So it is basically the Oreo version of a strawberry dipped in chocolate. How very romantic and candlelight dinner-ish! And what’s more? You don’t have to wait till February to get a hold of these limited edition romantic cookies because Oreo’s Chocolate Strawberry cookies are up for grabs at various Walmart and Target outlets across the United States (where else?).

So, would you sink your teeth into Oreo’s new limited edition cookies this winter? Answer below!

Feature Image: Fruit Bouquets