This Woman Spent $400 On A Game Of Thrones Themed Dinner

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan you’ll know that we’ve all been eagerly waiting with bated breath for Season 7. First, they cut down on the number of episodes per season, then they pushed the release date by almost 3 months (pretty much a lifetime in GoT years).

There was much joy and celebration when the theme song finally played on our screen. In fact, many held elaborate celebrations to welcome the series back into our lives. However, none did it quite so well as Kate Santichen.

Kate started watching GoT two years ago when her boyfriend suggested that she start watching it. In her own words “halfway through the first episode, and my first of two bowls of lamb stew, I was hooked on both the show and his cooking.”

“Marcus is a huge fan of the books, and he’s thrown a Game of Thrones premiere party each year since the series debuted. He spends days planning, shopping and cooking recipes from the official Game of Thrones cookbook, A Feast of Ice and Fire.”

This year was different though, Kate and Marcus created an entire meal inspired by each of the Seven Kingdoms with ‘Dornish Snake’ even being featured on the menu. They even hired a calligrapher for the occasion and figured out where to find freeze dried locusts – no mean feat!

Kate’s entire menu cost about $400, so by no means was this a feast the Frey’s would have thrown. You can see the entire break down of the meal here. Check out the feast below!

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Representational images: Kate Santichen 


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