Game & Gorge At The All New Sports Diner At Hang Out, Saket

This summer, we had the opportunity of chilling out at one Delhi’s coolest and newest hangout zones – the Sports Diner at Hang Out, Saket. Sitting on the third floor of one Delhi’s most popular malls, Select Citywalk, Hang Out is the one stop shop for all things fun, food, and entertainment. The space is neatly divided into a multi level gaming arcade, a bowling alley, 4D rides, a special fun zone for kids, and the newest addition – the dining area, a.k.a., Sports Diner.


Adding to the existing fun vibe of Hang Out, the Diner is just what the place needed to take its wow quotient up several notches. The eatery keeps up with the popularity and excellence of the gaming zone with an immaculate multi-cuisine menu and a bar that would be happy to delight you with its amazing concoctions.



For The Gamers

Mainly a gaming arcade, Hang Out ahs all your gaming needs covered. From arcade games including the likes of Pac man, Mario Kart, Deal or No Deal, and Monopoly to mind-blowing ones like Angry Birds, Connect 4 and many more, the games cater to everyone between the ages of 4 to 64 years! And as if that wasn’t enough, the young ‘uns get to themselves a whole two more levels of exciting slides, ball pools, and interactive fun rooms.

However, the adults too can do way more than showing their skills the gaming arcade by heading over to the supremely amazing 4D rides and the bowling alley. Speaking of which, have you ever been to a neon bowing alley complete with glow in the dark graffiti on the walls and details that’ll give you a pleasantly outlandish experience, to say the least. Oh and, dare we skip the life-sized bowling pin that makes for the perfect photo op!



For The Foodie

After all that gaming, some binging is only well-deserved, right? Enter, Sports Diner. Nestled at the further end of Hand Out, the eating set up too is quirky and fun. While the walls boasts of colourful and cool adornments, the dining area itself is speckled with a pool table, some more arcade games (not even kidding. In fact, we dare you to play ALL the games in just one visit!), and cozy diner like as well as spaced out café-like seating. Meanwhile, the bar boasts of a rather sporty vibe complete with plush tall chairs and large televisions for sports screenings.

And the cherry on the icing is definitely the food. Right from quantity and quality to variety and taste, the Sports Diner hits the nail right on the head. The menu boasts of scrumptious North Indian, Continental, European, American, and other options to keep your palate satisfied. Moreover, you can take a pick from a wide range of proper meal portions, snacks, and finger foods. And in case you need suggestions, take a look at all that we had!


What We Had:

Watermelon Mojito

As the name suggests, this chilled mocktails was the perfect blend of a minty sweet mojito with just the right amount of fruity watermelon extracts to wash off our heat stroke!


Blue Sea

Sprite, lemon juice, and cool blue curacao syrup topped with a refreshing amount of ice made this drink a sea of refreshment!


Pineapple Bell Pepper Lemonade

Never have we ever had lemonade that started off with a sweet lemon flavor, went on to cover our palate with sweet hints of pineapple and went down leaving a surprising and mildly heady trail of bell peppers on our taste buds! We highly recommend this drink if you’re looking to try something new.


Veggie Pizza

Served on a tennis racquet, the veggie pizza was simply delicious with fresh chopped veggies topped with mouth-watering amounts of cheese on a crunchy thin base!


Kung Pao Paneer & Kung Pao Chicken

Soft paneer chunks and juicy bite-sized pieces of chicken tossed in the signature Chinese kung pao sauce, this is a great snacking option for vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians.


Pan Fried Noodles

Keeping up with the Chinese starters was a portion of pan-fried noodles stacked perfectly with crispy fried noodles and vegetables tossed in a mild sauce.


Non-Veg Platter

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a fish, chicken, or mutton lover because the non-veg platter came with all the three meats cooked up as various kebabs. There is the chicken malai tikka and tandoori chicken for the chicken fans while the mutton and fish lovers can gobble the mutton seekh and fish tikka, respectively.


Paneer Tikka

What’s a snacking menu in Delhi without the quintessential Punjabi paneer preparation, amirite?


North Indian Platter

And what is the best way to follow up all those paneer tikkas and kebabs? Some creamy butter chicken, rich dal makhani, and smoking hot assorted Indian breads, of course!


Brownie & Ice Cream

Do we ever leave without dessert? This piping hot chocolate walnut brownie and vanilla ice cream combination was just the best way to end our gobble fest at Sports Diner!


A Complete Package

In every sense of the phrase, Hang Out makes for the complete package with its various attraction fit for a wide ranging age bracket. There is something for everyone to do, play, eat, drink, and enjoy. A perfect space for families and friend groups to chill out, there is no reason you should miss out on the Hang Out experience!

In conclusion, we’d like to add that Sports Diner combined with the multi level gaming arena and entertainment setup is just the perfect hideout to kickback with some great food and have a baller time with your friends. So grab your squad and head on over to Hang Out ASAP!


Hang Out

3rd Floor

Select Citywalk, Saket

New Delhi-17

+91 9810224004