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What Gal Gadot Ate To Achieve Her ‘Wonder Woman’ Form


The world is going gaga over this phenomenally mind blowing superhero(in) movie on the block – Wonder Woman. Starring Gal Gadot as the DC Comics superhero, the movie hit theatres this weekend and the on-screen superhero (or actually Super God) realm has never been the same! The actress was flawless in portraying the role of the Amazonian Princess with her on-point action sequences and form (despite being five months pregnant during a major course of the film’s shooting, by the way).

But was all that VFX and stunt doubles? Not really, the actress put in quite a lot of hard work into her diet and workout to look the part of DC’s Wonder Woman. Here are 4 food and diet tips that Gadot routinely followed to keep up with the Wonder Woman physique.


  1. Drink Lots of Water

In an interview with a leading daily Gal said that she drinks “tons of water”. And her training team vouched for this fitness tip adding that downing a gallon of water a day is not only essential for remaining well-hydrated but also curbs cravings and keeps the person energized during workouts.


  1. Eat Enough Veggies

Although Gadot is not one for overcrowding her palate with only fruits and vegetables, she does gives veggies top priority. For example, in case of a late night hunger pang, the actress resorts to munching on fresh vegetables like bell peppers, celery, and cherry tomatoes, along with avocado toast.

  1. Mix Your Leans & Greens

Gal’s trainer insists that a person’s diet should strike a balance between green and lean proteins. So Gadot consumed a good amount of fresh produce in addition to fish with garlic, lemon, and thyme, or chicken breasts and chickpea cakes.


  1. Don’t Give Up Your Favourite Foods

So Gadot may look like she never even wanders near a fast food outlet but the truth is that she hasn’t entirely given up on her favourite snacks and does occasionally indulge in a bowl of chocolate ice cream. “I’m a foodie and I love to experience food, but at the same time I look at food as fuel and I want to give the best to my body,” she told Harper’s Bazaar. “I don’t restrict myself; I can eat everything. It’s all a matter of measurements and quantity of the food.”

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