Gaggan Anand Just Bagged Two Michelin Stars, Here’s Why It’s A Huge Deal


Recently Chef Gaggan Anand announced that his renowned Bangkok-based restaurant Gaggan would be shutting shop in 2020. And while the news breaks our heart, it may be reassuring for a lot of us to learn that the restaurant is not going down with a bang.

After claiming its stake in a number of ‘best restaurant’ lists in Asia and globally for its matchless contemporary Indian food, Gaggan has now reached an all-time high with two Michelin stars! The restaurant received the coveted two stars during the Michelin guide’s first venture in Bangkok.


It’s A Big Deal Because

Not only is getting a Michelin star – let alone TWO – a massive deal, it is also extra special for Anand because only two more restaurants in Bangkok, apart from Gaggan, received two stars (the Michelin Guide Bangkok does not give out three stars yet) – Le Normandie at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok, a French restaurant, and Mezzaluna at Lebua Bangkok.

However, that’s not all. The stars are also extra special for the chef and his restaurant because they make Gaggan Anand the only Indian culinary expert in the world to hold that honour. “Finally, an Indian restaurant with curry on the menu has been awarded two stars,” Anand told Conde Nast Traveller.


Still not the end of good news for Anand, because his Michelin achievement spanned beyond his restaurant Gaggan. The Michelin guide also recognized Suhring, a restaurant run by the German twins Mathias and Thomas Suhring, awarding it one Michelin star. This makes Suhrig the only German restaurant in the Asia Pacific region to pride itself with a Michelin star; and since Anand happens to be a minority stake in the venture, he shares a part of this achievement as well!

It sure is a super proud moment for India, as this announcement comes shortly after Chef Bharath Bhat became the first Indian chef to win the ‘Iron Chef Thailand’ competition!


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